Monday, September 27, 2010

Promote JS!

If you care about being able to find good documentation for JavaScript, you should check out Mozilla's Promote JS campaign.

As Chris Heilman points out in his article highlighting why being able to find good documentation for JavaScript is so important, W3Schools usually makes it to the top of the list. Which is great for W3Schools, and they do provide a decent reference for the already initiated. But for those of us that are looking for a slightly better outline of what an object does or how to use it, real world examples from actual users is a delightful resource that is much better from a user contributed source like Mozilla Developer Center (MDC). And that is where we need to concentrate our efforts, supporting the foundation that helps us. So, visit Promote JS, and help build a better community for javascript documentation.

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Function arguments, JavaScript Function arguments, JS Function .arguments, JavaScript Function .arguments

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