Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Proprietary CSS extensions for targeting individual browsers and versions

I know that there are hacks for targeting different versions of IE:

* star in front means IE7,
_ underscore in front means IE6 and below,
\ Escaping any letter within the property name which isn't in the range a-f, A-F, 0-9 will hide that rule from IE 5.x,
-ms is IE8 vendor prefix
/ forward slash in front of a property is ignored by ie, but causes other browsers to ignore line
But what about the other browsers? Are there any proprietary extensions or hacks that allow a developer to target a specific browser with a "display:inline-block"?

I think there should be, each browser vendor should have a proprietary extension like:

-moz-css-only: "display:block;";

Or better yet, they should have one for targeting each version:

-moz-css-only-1-9-1: "display:block;";

Where the version-minorversion-subversion can be appended to target a layout issue in a specific browser. This would sure make things simpler, IMHO.

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